Asia, the worlds most populous continent, is a land characterized by colours, vibrancy and oftentimes chaos. But, it is also replete with charm and jaw-dropping beauty; it is the birthplace of the world’s main religions, and each year attracts throngs of visitors who come in search of its legendary peace and tranquility.

Our new photographic exhibition entitled “Eastern Tranquility” centres around this serenity and calm, drawing particularly on the medium of water – rivers, ponds, lakes, and the ocean – and illustrating its powerful and poetic role as friend, confidante, tutor, and entertainer for those who seek out its riches and its pleasures.

Curated especially for Copper Ark, this exhibition unites the works of various photographers from across the last decade, all of whom have sought to distill the beauty and charms of Asia into photographic image. All pictures are shown framed, but they are available framed or unframed, according to preference. Prices are given for both options.

We do hope you enjoy the exhibition. As always, feel free to ask if you have questions or comments.