There’s something utterly spell-binding about old photographs. It is the portrayal of another world; a tableau upon which we may stare without inhibition and marvel at the strange, the antiquated, the beautiful and sometimes the ugly.

But, there is something else. With old photos comes a sense of authenticity that seems lost to us today in our world of selfies and social media. No pouting to be found back then, thank goodness. You’d be lucky to get a smile even! But still we see the whole gamut of human emotion, and wish if only for the briefest moments we could transport ourselves to that place and speak to them.

Alas, they, and we, are trapped in our own time horizons, separated as we are by the years and the life cycles of the Earth. Instead we can only stare longingly, and wonder, ‘who were they?’

Copper Ark welcomes you to its tantalising eclectic showcase of beguiling and beautiful photography from years gone by. This masterfully curated collection reveals to us the strange and distant lands of early 20th century China, the eery calm of life behind the trenches in World War I, the seductive charm of the vintage burlesque studio, or the hunter-gatherer lives of the native tribes of early 20th century Borneo.

Allow yourself a peek, and take a journey through time.

Comments to this blog and the photographic exhibition, are of course, most welcome.